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  • SolarDry


    SolarDry consente di usare gratuitamente la forza del sole per essiccare, in maniera completamente naturale qualunque tipo di…

  • Evaposolar,


    Evaposolar consente di risparmiare sullo smaltimento dei liquidi reflui, riducendo notevolemnte il peso del liquido stesso: Molti dei…

  • Solarair, the hot air solar  panel

    Solarair, the hot air solar panel

    If you own a radiators or air heating sytem, SolarAir is what you need for sure. actually those…

  • Solareva collector

    Solareva collector

      SolarEva is a thermal solar collector optimized for being installed vertically on fences, walls and balconies watch…


The panels you don't see


Solarkup is a company manufacturing new kinds of solar panels for both water heating and home heating.


Solarkup's collectors are made in order to camouflage with the surrounding enviroment and to have the best integration with your house, hiding both on shaped rooftops and on fences.

Nevertheless the major  feauture of our collector does not resides in the aspect, but in the way they work.

We developed Different kinds of panels for every need:

for water heating we researched a sytem wich doesn't use anti-freeze liquid, providing better performances and granting you water at 50°C in wintertime.

For Home Heating We developed Different kinds of panels for every need,

in traditional heating system integration we provide a peculiar aerothermic system, wich both warms and clean your house's air. granting you about the 50% savings on heating bills

for basement heating  we developed an anti-freeze-free systems that is capable to make you save up to the 90% of the bill.